Loftus Music: Kevin Burke’s Independently-Owned Record Company


In 2007, instead of embarking on a new (or renewed) relationship with an established record company, Kevin decided to start releasing his new recordings independently and therefore, “Loftus Music” was born. Loftus is not a record company in the conventional sense in that there is no effort to seek out and sign up different acts to appear on the label. It is simply a vehicle for releasing the music that Kevin is involved with directly and personally. To date Kevin himself appears, in varying degrees of prominence, on each and every one of the “Loftus” releases and there is no reason to think that this policy might be changed in the near future. Kevin has always enjoyed playing solo and with his numerous musical friends; being his own record company has given him both the freedom and time to continue in his varied musical interests.

“He was a fiddler, and consequently a rogue.” – Jonathan Swift

Upcoming Shows

November 20
Portland, OR
7.30pm The Alberta Rose Theatre Appearing as one of the many guest performers at the "Fiddlers She" extravaganza

December 14 Kevin Burke
Tualitin, OR
7.30pm 2nd Saturday Community Concerts at Winona Grange,

December 15 Kevin Burke
Eugene, OR
7.30pm, Tsunami Books, 2585 Willamette St., Info/Tx 541-345-8986

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